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Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Back to Normal Clothes Again!

Yes this is exciting news. I have been feeling awful the last few days. Maybe its because here in the wonderful south we go from a weekend of snow to a weekend of 60 degrees, seriously I'm not making this up. So the last few days I have been pumping my body fully of Advil cold & sinus and vitamin water. Looks like it is paying off because I finally am starting to feel better! Meaning I am in normal clothes again!!!

I work at a place that doesn't have a strict dress code. Okay we don't have any kind of dress code so I have been in t-shirts a jeans for the past three days. This has concerned my co-workers that I am on my death bed. I love clothes, I love to look cute and I save my t-shirts for the gym. You can only imagine the looks I got a work when it had been three days! I didn't let myself completely go I did manage to wear my make-up everyday and do my hair :)

Since I am feeling like myself again and not just working on auto pilot this means that my little week of hiatus from training is over. I have to jump back on the program, the Nashville Half Marathon is quickly approaching. I went last night to sweat out the last of my sickness at Pure Barre. I have blogged about it before and how much I am looking forward to using it as my cross training on my training schedule. I seemed to have forgotten how difficult it is :( I was hurting last night. But this morning I feel great, a little sore but the good kind where it will wear off soon but you know that you got a great work out!

So this weekend will be spent catching up on my training and enjoy the 58, yes that right, degree weather we are suppose to have. Part of me thinks I might need to lay out this weekend and get a little sun before our next snow storm that's coming ha!!


  1. I have really wanted to try Pure Barre! do you like it? I can't find the post where you wrote about it

  2. So glad you are getting better! =)

  3. Glad you are feeling good! Enjoy the weather this weekend!

  4. 58 degrees sounds like heaven to me right now! Enjoy it!