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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Still a Teeny Bopper

Yes this is true. I am 25 but I still love the high school teen movies and I think Justin Bieber is precious. If I was 12 I would have a little crush on him too!

This morning at work we were talking about all the things we loved when we were younger. I was a huge boy band groupie! It all started with New Kids on the Block. I was a Joey fan and my older sister was in love with Jordan. We had the sleepwear, lunchboxes, all the cassette tapes (ha remember those), and even the dolls. From there I jumped on the Backstreet Boys wagon. I know I am going to upset all the NSYNC fans but don't worry I liked them too its just that I was die hard Backstreet Boys.

I have been hearing for a while now about how these two groups are going to be touring together this summer. With all the talk about them this morning I had to check and see if they would be coming anywhere near me ... and they are! They will be in Nashville June 21st. I have already texted my Sissy to inform her to get her leg warmers and side ponytail ready because we are going!

I am so excited and not even the least bit ashamed! Am I the only one?


  1. No no, it's not just you! I'm still just a teeeeeny bit obsessed with BSB. They were always my favorite. Hopefully they'll come to a city near me :)

  2. Yes, if I was 12 too, I would have a crush on Justin Bieber!!!!!! haha! He is going to be on a commercial during the Super Bowl....for Best Buy! Watch for him!! :-)

  3. I'm torn between BSB and 'N Sync for my favorite boy band... too bad I don't think 'N Sync will ever reunite :)

  4. I'm glad I am not the only one wanting to go to this concert!